Saturday, April 3, 2010

Door and Cabinets

Eddie installed the new door for the hall bathroom yesterday. He had to make some adjustments to the door trim because the wall was only 3 inches deep instead of the 4 inches allowed. (I think that's what he said.) And on the inside, the trim had to be cut down because the door was too close to the corner. It all looks good--just needs to be painted.

The new hall closet still needs to have sheetrock hung. View is from the hallway.

The handles need to be installed on the cabinets.

This is the hallway-side of the door.

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Chesapeake Kitchen Remodels said...

Is your husband the one doing all these remodeling? He's turning your home into a hobby. (lol) My husband is likewise. When he's not at work, he will find something to work on the house like putting additional caabinets, arranging an outdoor work table, making a toolbox ... He's also one of those DIY. But if he can't do it himself, he will talk to his workers and get them to work on the house during the weekends.