Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baseboard and Trim

Eddie bought and installed the toe kick (or whatever that piece of board is called) to cover the gap between the tall cabinet and the sink cabinet. He needed that in place before he could put the baseboard trim in place.

He picked out a faucet which I really like. It sticks out far enough into the sink that your hands aren't hitting the sink bowl when you use it--the faucet in our basement half-bath is way too short, so I think we'll be replacing it with this kind.

This is where the new toilet is going to be.

Then he put trim around the window and created a sill for it as well.

This is the shower curtain, plus you can see some baseboard trim.

I like the shower curtain hooks I found at Target--they have a hook on both the inside and outside of the tub, so the liner and curtain are hooked on separately. The hooks also aren't circles--you can just pull them off if you need to, and not slide off all the ones in front of it.

And the toilet is installed and functional! Yea, I guess we need to go get a toilet paper roll hanger, plus towel bars. But that and painting the trim is all that remains!

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