Friday, July 11, 2008

Interior Door and Window Trim , part 3

Last but not least, Eddie put the trim up around the kitchen window. The only real issue to deal with was ripping the bottom trim piece to fit above the sink back splash.

The sill is in place.

I painted a primer coat on the unfinished piece of wood, and then we'll be caulking and filling holes and painting the trim on the window and the two doors.

Interior Door and Window Trim , part 2

Eddie next went to work on the new door we added.

Door trim going in.

He put shoe moulding across the bottom.

Finished door, still to be caulked, holes filled, and painted.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Interior Door and Window Trim , part 1

We installed the slider and kitchen window quite a while ago, and added the new door more recently, but had not put the trim up because we were eager to finish the siding first.

On Saturday we headed to Lowes to buy trim and also boards to fill gaps from the previous slider's opening, which was a bit larger than this one's.

This is what it started out as:

We also wanted to cover the piece of wood floor closest to the door because it was badly stained from condensation that the old aluminum slider created.

Filler boards going in.

I'm not sure what you call them, but the wood that Eddie's putting in here will make a frame around the door and be painted on the inside.

This shows the red oak that Eddie installed to create a small step or ledge to cover the flooring. We need to get another piece to put in under it--slight miscalculation either when we initially measured or when we made the purchase at Lowes left us with a piece that was not tall enough to use. Eddie put some temporary pieces in just to hold the step up, so he could install the rest of the trim. This top part of the step has been sanded and urethaned twice and will be done once more today. I think we're going to pre-treat the other piece before installing.

Filling some of the gap with DAP latex foam sealant.

Installing trim.

Perfect fit.

More in another post.