Tuesday, June 10, 2008

So What Else Happened That Day?

I said there was more, and it was quite the highlight of the day. You might ask yourself, why is that man wearing an ace bandage around his ankle? Good question! When he was lowering the pump jack, the release was stuck, and he shifted his feet around.

Then all of a sudden it released, and the jack part, that sticks out and you would put your foot in to raise the jack, slammed down across the side of his shin. He was not happy. He yelled quite a bit. He was in the air and couldn't throw things.

He ended up on the couch for 3 hours with ice gel packs wrapped to his leg to keep the swelling and pain down. Then he went back to work. But if he took the ice off and stood, it really hurt more, so he kept it on.

And finished the siding. :) That's my guy! But it was swollen for several days and hurt like the dickens. Then the blood started draining around his foot. He had an x-ray done and the dr said there was nothing remarkable about it, other than a nick in his shin higher up, which would be from the chain saw incident. Which is another story I may have blogged about on PoMoyemu. Not sure. But it's a good one. Oh yeah--I did, it's toward the bottom of the post I linked.

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