Friday, February 15, 2008

How Do You Keep Your Chickens Safe?

We had yet another chicken killed last night. The week before we lost one, but I believe it was during the daytime when the hens were out of their fenced yard.

This time it looks as though something tried in three places . . .

to dig under the fence,

and finally did in this spot.

It then got into the coop (the doors will now have to be closed at night also) and dragged a hen outside. It only ate from the crop up, so we're thinking it was a raccoon, although there's a slight possibility it was a fox. Here's a site that lists different predators and their methods of killing. This is another one with an easy chart, plus they have a whole site/newsletter "All About Chickens." This is another site on animal laws, including trapping and hunting, for the US. It wasn't that helpful to me, personally. Here's the Virginia Cooperative Extention Office's "Addressing the Consequences of Predator Damage to Livestock and Poultry" as well as their main poultry page.

This guy didn't do a thing to stop it. Loser. Oh well, at least he's pretty to look at.

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