Friday, November 9, 2007

We have a Plan

My mother and I came up with a plan to work on finishing the projects in the basement and some other things that she and I can work on, i.e. that don't require muscle or power tools :).

So this is the list we came up with about a week and a half ago. Fridays are our days to do the work.

  • sand the wood filler on the stairs and caulk what needs caulking

  • paint the stairs

  • caulk the trim around the stairwell and paint trim and sheetrock

  • caulk the window in the living room and then paint it

  • buy 6 exterior lights--2 for either side of the slider, 1 each for the front door, newly installed side door, and exterior basement door from our bedroom, and 1 to hold onto until we put in the exterior living room door

  • caulk wood trim on three door jams that are in the living room--leading to half-bath, master bedroom, and office--and then paint them

  • caulk and paint wood corner trim on boxed-in ductwork in living room

  • touch-up ceiling paint in living room
We started last Friday, and I was able to get most of the caulking done for the stairs, door jams, duct trim and window. I should have sanded the wood filler first, but I wasn't able to attach the sander to the shop vac--Eddie said he's done it before, but I have a feeling he used duct tape. :) He claims there's an attachment to use, but I couldn't find it.

Today I think we'll deviate from our Friday schedule, though. Since Nick (18) has recently moved out of the house, his room is up for grabs. Thomas is partly moved into it, and I'd like to get the rest of his stuff moved in there, so I can move into his bedroom with my office. I'll miss seeing the chickens at eye level, but I'll be on the main floor of the house and in a much larger space. Then we can use this old office space for much-needed storage.

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