Thursday, October 4, 2007


This is what Eddie used to load the logs onto the pickup truck. He borrowed it from his brother--thanks Mike!

This is some of the wood he collected from his dad's property. The kids brought some food and water since they knew they'd be there a while. The logs were incredibly heavy, and some were hard to roll because they weren't smooth all around.

Most of the wood was hickory, and there was some oak, too. They were cut down at least a year ago, maybe longer, so they should be pretty dry. Freshly cut wood leaves a lot more creosote in the flu.

But we got them loaded and onto the truck.

Eddie made two trips to bring it all home. You can see the truck hiding in the last picture, behind the tractor. It wasn't happy with the load!

We have a furnace that burns both wood and propane. We like it when the winter stays really cold for long stretches, because we can use the wood more. When it gets warmer we have to use the propane, because the wood heats too much! Then we're opening windows to not overheat and wasting the wood.

But the wood's free and the propane's definitely not. Well, the wood's not entirely free. We bought a wood splitter several years ago, plus we bought diesel for the tractor, and the gas for the truck, chain saw and log splitter. But you know what I mean.

Eddie spent some time yesterday and today getting the splitter ready to use. What we have is similar to this one. Then we'll cut the logs into approximately 18" lengths, to fit the furnace's fire box. After that, the kids and I will start splitting and stacking the wood. You know the old saying about firewood--it warms you twice: once when you split it and again when you burn it! Even with the splitter, it's still a lot of work.

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