Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cleaning out the Chickens' Water

This is the inside of the barrel after about a year, maybe less, of use. The red is possibly from the roofing material, or else it's just dirt from the roof. The streak of red running up the wall is from the water heater.

This is the water heater. It keeps the water at about 40 or maybe 45 degrees F in the winter.
This shows the small hole where the water heater plug comes out, and the larger one is where the pipe from the gutters comes in. Mosquitoes were still able to get in through the gap between the water heater cord and the tape we'd wrapped around it--it didn't stay in place and everytime I opened the lid to see the water level, mosquitoes would fly out. Yuck!
You can see the other part of the pipe on the wall, and the tubing all wrapped in heat tape and insulation.

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