Monday, September 3, 2007

Time to Celebrate

Whew! Lots got done today. Let's have a look. Here Eddie is covering 2 by 4s that will be where the roof over this door attaches when we can get to it. For now we just want to keep the water off it.

Just one last piece of siding to go up. And you can see the way Eddie has used the J channel around the 2 by 4s for the siding to finish into it.

Looking really good!

Last piece of siding being fitted in place.

And he put a cut piece of fascia board to cover where the two longer pieces meet, same as on the other side. I think it looks nice. I believe he said the pitch of this small roof is the same as for the house.

We'd like to build a 6 by 6 foot landing with stairs leading toward the front of the house, to the left in the pictures, and then meet it up with the back deck, too.

UPDATED: I should have mentioned that we still have the back of the house to do. The Tyvek is up but not the siding. But we really wanted this end covered in case it rains anytime soon--it's really exposed.


Morgan said...

Silvia- What a difference. Grandioso! I believe the words that come closest to remodeling is 'convertire' (transform) or 'alterare'(modify), however - "Casa In Costruzione" has a much better ring.
Hope the house be finished prior to the winter weather arrives.
Take care.

Silvia said...


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