Saturday, August 11, 2007

Work on the Back Has Begun

Today started out with really nice temperatures compared to recent weather. So Eddie started removing old aluminum siding and backer. This shows up to the last bedroom window that needed to be replaced.
In this picture, you can see where the mice were getting in so easily--once behind a bit of siding, they could get between the brick face and the cinder block, and find an easy way in to our ceiling or other parts of the house. We'll be adding some mortar to seal that up later.

The Tyvek looks like such an improvement already! We were getting ready to move the pump jack on the right over to the left of the other one.

More siding removed, to just past the bathroom window. Eddie's getting the window opening ready, but we have to put up more Tyvek before installation.

Almost done for the day. The new bedroom window is caulked and screwed in place, and Eddie's working on the bathroom window.
I ran up and down all day, going to get things from the shop and getting windows ready to install. The old ones will either go on freecycle (although nobody has picked up our last two that were offered), or I'll convince Eddie that we could really use them somewhere else, like in a greenhouse or something.

Tomorrow we're planning to remove the rest of the old siding and put in the last window!! This one is in the kitchen. I'm not sure how soon we'll get to put up the siding.

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