Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Windows are Done

I can't believe I forgot to comment in the previous post that the last window was installed! Yeah!!! Here you can see the sliding glass door, which we installed maybe last August, and the rest of the Tyvek.
We are considering adding a window in the dining area, which is the last section of house that hasn't had siding removed yet. There's a very small window just to the right of the dining room, (left in the pic) where we pulled out the huge a/c unit that was originally there. (The chimney is partially blocking it.) I wouldn't mind putting a larger one there, too, since it's the kids' tv/computer/rec room.But we ordered all our windows (and siding) a year ago, and finally the last one is in. We're very excited about this over here. :) We installed the first ones in September last year, and they were taking up a bit of space in the living room.
These are the last 5 old windows we removed.

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