Wednesday, August 22, 2007

We Decided to Add a Door After All

So we decided that since the siding was down, now was the time to decide on a door or window for the dining room or living room. The space between the fireplace and doorway from living to dining room was just too small. We'd have had to have a 30" exterior door, which is likely a special order, and we didn't have time. The Tyvek had to go up by the end of the weekend to protect the house in case it rained. And it did. And it has continued to rain every day since. Well, maybe not today, yet.

We drove out to Lowes and bought this door, because it wasn't too expensive and had a large window. We really wanted more light on that end of the house, which gets the morning sun.

This is where it was going to go in the dining room. The outlet would have to be moved when we cut the wall out.

This just shows all the siding torn off, and the walkboard.

Eddie is cutting the brick away with a masonry blade on his Makita circular saw. Yes, he's using eye and ear protection, for this project at least! After this, he cut the outside wall and put in a header for the doorway.

Then we cut the interior wall out from the outside--I was on the inside with the shop vac trying to collect all the dust as Eddie cut with the Milwaukee Sawzall, one of the most-used and most useful tools he owns. He's had it forever--he started out at 18 as an electrician, then had his own construction company, so we usually have the tool we'll need. If we don't, I have to start worrying that he's going to want to buy something new.

Here's a shot of the door in place that shows the cut brick and the sill. [Note to self: no steps; do not unlock door and walk outside from here!] We didn't like using the wood trim that came with the door, so we bought some PVC trim instead.
Eddie covered the whole wall from the corner to the chimney, door and living room window included, in a sheet of Tyvek. We haven't had a chance to seal the doorway yet, and since we can't use it till we put in some steps or extend the deck--yet another project--it doesn't matter. Although I'd like to see the sun in the morning. We got a doorknob and bolt set from Lowes and had them re-key the locks to match our other house keys. This picture makes the door look like it's not plumb, but it's just because it's in that corner and the short bit of wall is also yellow, so you can't really tell where the corner is. Trust me, Eddie would never install something that wasn't plumb. Notice the three foot level. He owns two other two foot levels also. Obsessed? Nah. And I can't complain about perfection.
You can see where Eddie moved the wiring to, and he'll put in another receptacle box soon. Or maybe I'll try it. I've helped with wiring other receptacles and single pole switches in the house, so if I get inspired, I'll try it.


JohnPark said...

You guys amaze me.

Silvia said...

Why thank you. :)