Sunday, August 26, 2007

The New Door and We Lose a Window

Here are some images of the work that had to be done on the new exterior door.

First, Eddie had to make up for the gap between where the level of the floor and door opening were and where the bricks came up to. So he made a form with a scrap piece of PVC trim and nailed or screwed it to the brick. Then he mixed up some mortar to fill the pace and make it even with the sill plate. He'll remove that white strip when it's dry.

This shows the PVC trim we're using instead of the wood trim that typically comes with exterior doors, or at least it did with ours. This way we won't have to worry about repainting, or wood rotting, etc.

And here's the whole door.

On the inside, I finally had a job to do! I got to fill the gaps on the top and side of the door with foam. That was fun!

Originally this space was occupied by a really large a/c unit, which we were happy to remove when we installed the central air. So then we put a window in it's place. Never really looked like it was supposed to be there, though. So we're going to cover it up. Eddie removed the window and put some boars on the outside, which will be covered by the Tyvek and then the siding. I'm not sure what we'll do inside. We want to replace the paneling with sheetrock, but that'll be a big project.

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