Thursday, August 16, 2007

How We Fill the Outside Feeder from Inside the Coop

This is a picture of the back wall of our coop. The white PVC pipe has a wider fitting on the top, to make it easier to fill. Eddie also added a plastic cap that fits inside it to cover the hole. This is to keep mice, etc, from falling in. It's attached with a string to the pipe so we can pull it out easily. Then when we need to fill the feeder hanging outside we just pour feed in until it gets close to the top of the pipe.

You can see at the bottom of the pipe that it has a bend fitting, and goes through a hole in the wall. Then on the outside there's another bend fitting and more pipe that pours into the open top of the metal feeder. It hangs lower by at least a couple feet, because the coop in built on a slope, but you could do the same thing just starting higher on the wall, if the feeder were higher outside.

This picture also shows part of our water collection (trash barrel), which is insulated, plus the outlet that we use to plug in the horse trough water heater we have inside the barrel, and all the heat tape that goes to the waterers. Irrelevant to the feeding issue, but we have a motion sensor light, so when we open the door to the coop the light in the ceiling comes on and turns off automatically after a couple minutes of no motion. We also hang a fishing net above that--we use it to catch chickens occasionally. And then there's the rest of the extra parts and pieces we just don't want to store anywhere else.
Here's a good picture to show the PVC pipe feeding into the metal feeder. We can use a smaller feeder because the pipe holds a lot, also. And to the left of that is a water cup covered in insulation and heat tape--the cup is actually orange.

This chick in the picture is "Cleo" the Egyptian Fayoumis.

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