Saturday, August 11, 2007

Behind the Coop

We have an "isolation area" behind the coop. We have used it to isolate really problematic roosters. The orange watering cup comes out underneath the little roofed area. We also have a small metal feeder hanging under there. We pour feed into it from inside the coop, down a 3" diameter PVC pipe. Usually the chickens that end up here will just perch on top of the little roof, or they will roost on the top bar of the fence, where the netting is tied down. One hen even laid an egg there! It was caught nicely by the netting.
We used this area to isolate the hens that needed to have their backs sprayed with Blu-Kote.
From this picture you can see in the upper right section where the isolated area is, and also how we propped up the original chicken tractors on 2x4s.

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SmF732 said...

Silvia, I realize this isn't the best place to post this but I wanted to let you know that your suggestion to try for my bird egg identification worked!!

I owe you a lollipop!

Go here to see the answer:

Many thanks, Stephan

Silvia said...

Very cool! What pretty little eggs, too.