Thursday, July 19, 2007

Old Wet Bar Turned into Office Space

This area was a wet bar from the mid-'70's. Then we used it for the laundry room, and it also had the hot water heater. I have a new laundry room now, with hot water heater, mop sink, and small refrigerator to store the extra chicken eggs, frozen food, jugs of water just in case, etc.

The mess of items is in the future office--we were working on the rest of the basement too, at this point.

We tore off the dark wood paneling and firring strips to get to the bare wall.

We built new 2 by 4 walls, installed a new window, added insulation against the cinder blocks, wired the room, and started on the sheet rock. All in one day, I swear! :)

Once the sheet rock was installed we started on the floor. There was this lovely brown vinyl tile glued to the concrete floor. We decided to just leave it. Then we installed laminate flooring with a foam layment beneath it. That door leads to the furnace room.

We added chair rail to cover the seams--pretty clever, eh? Eddie hates mudding and taping and sanding. We also installed a drop ceiling.

This is a view from the furnace room doorway through the office and into the laundry room. That chest freezer now lives in Eddie's shop, and we installed a base cabinet in it's place.

This shows the painted walls--bright white! It was originally Eddie's office, but now it's mine and I haven't bothered to change the color. But there are a lot of pictures on the walls, and a couple shelves.

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JohnPark said...

Wow, that looks great. I can't believe how much you guys do in so little time. Hats off to you.