Monday, July 16, 2007

Old Pictures of the House

This first picture was taken probably in 1999 or 2000. The previous owners had been crazy about hollies. We ended up digging them out with a small backhoe. They also had a lot of irises, which we also scooped out and I replanted in various parts of the yard. We still get lots of little holly twigs growing in those front beds. I guess we didn't get all the roots out. They're really prickly!
This is a shot of our backyard from the deck off the dining area. Sometime in late December 1999 or early in 2000. A comparison of the tree line is in the next picture.

This is a picture from before we moved in, but it's around December 1999. This is in the living room looking toward the front door, and there's that louvered wall-thing that we removed. I don't know what it's called, but it's gone now! We put in a real wall when we were re-doing the foyer.

No, we didn't buy that ATV. Eddie was hoping to persuade me, though. We ended up buying a more practical lawn tractor/riding mower instead. But this shot shows the front yard toward the driveway. There are holly bushes there that, by the time we took this picture in July 2000, we'd already cut down from about a height of 7 feet or more. They lined both sides of the driveway. Now we have a nice 4 board fence instead. The front yard felt like a secret garden, which was really kind of neat, but we needed more room for the kids to play. There were several large trees that we cut down later, as well, including the one to the right in this picture.

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