Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Chicken Coops

I was inspired by Ottawa Hortiphilia's ode to first tomatoes and thought I'd try to create a similar post, but with a chicken coop theme.

The first coop I found using a Google search of blogs was at Keeping Chickens in Your Backyard. What a wonderful site! There are pictures of subscribers' coops in the sidebar, too, so you'll be busy for a while! Here is another post that shows a beautiful chicken tractor. It's similar in design to the one I read about in Organic Gardening years ago--that article is what inspired us to raise chickens in the first place!

Over at macerating shallots, they had A Good Old Fashioned Chicken Coop Raising. back in May. And then Arise, Poultry Condo Development, Arise!

Suvir Saran has a post titled Chickens Finally in the Coop, with a link to some pictures of the coop, and if you read the archives, you'll find other talk of the chicks and the coop.

Then there's a Chicken Coop Upgrade and a follow-up post at SFrye732's blog.

At Dustpan Alley, we get to read about a coop for her friend's hens.

We get to see some major work being done at Our New Farmhouse in Germany, when they give the chicken coop a new wall, out of concrete.

There are step-by-step photos at Earthly Swallows from his recent coop construction.

I've posted about our coop before. Here is another link showing the painted floor.

And finally, this is a beautiful green chicken coop at Brood Awakenings.

If you've got a post about your chicken coop, please drop me a comment with a link!


Ranch Revival said...

Howdy from Georgia!

I'm thrilled to see your post about chicken coops and look forward to exploring the links you've shared. We'd like to start raising a few hens here in the 'burbs of Athens (in Northeast GA) for the fresh eggs. We've got the space but we're not sure if we're zoned for it, so we're going to check into that.

In the meantime, we've found a beautiful new book called Keeping Chickens: The Essential Guide to Enjoying and Getting the Best from Chickens, by Jeremy Hobson and Celia Lewis. For those of you who've been raising chickens for a while, it probably has nothing much new to offer, but the photography in it is eye-popping gorgeous -- you can see why people fall in love with raising these birds. And for me, it's a great little primer. The last time I handled chickens was years ago on my mother's farm in WV and I didn't have to start there from scratch, but I will be, here.

Thanks for the information and inspiration! -- Jen

Silvia said...

I'm glad you stopped by. That books sounds like a fun read, and there's always something new to learn about keeping chickens. I look forward to reading it sometime. And if you have questions about hens, just drop me a line.

Jon said...

Hi Silvia! Thanks for putting a link on your blog to my page. I just updated my blog yesterday with the final pictures of my coop.

tommy said...

Have a look at a blog called henwaller.com for more info on the Eastside Egg Co-op, and chicken raising in general, as well as other urban homesteading related topics. Patrick and Holly, who write the blog, were the ones who spearheaded the chicken project I've been documenting on my own blog. They're pretty interesting folks. Cheers!

SmF732 said...


Thank you so much for linking to my Blog's Chicken Coop Upgrade posting. We're still at it, making slow progress, but the new roost is in.

The work you've done on your house looks great.