Sunday, July 22, 2007

Basement Living Room

The basement had been divided by a wall where the stairs came down. To the left was the rec room and to the right a door that lead to the unfinished laundry room. If you went left, the rec room wrapped around behind the staircase. At that end of the house there was a fireplace and the wet bar that is now my office.

We took the section from where the top of the stairs was to the fireplace and added a wall--that closed the furnace off from the rec room.

The old laundry room area was closed off from the wet bar, and we took that dividing wall out. We moved the washer and dryer, water heater and a mop sink into that wet bar area (new office), which was also open to the furnace room at that point. It's hard to explain. I've drawn an approximate current floor-plan here (I think you'll have to click on it to see it well):
These are some pictures of the second half of the basement remodel project. Most of the work was done in January 2006.

This was before we did any work, other than to tear down the wall dividing the old rec room from the old laundry room. They had insulated these walls, but not put up any sheetrock or paneling. The flooring was that ugly brown vinyl tile that was in my office, as well. We hadn't removed the walls from the stairs yet.

Here we've removed the old insulation.

Eddie had to do some work on the gas pipes, and we'd taken down the old 2 by 4's and installed a new window. The kids had a lot of fun with the demolition phase.

In this picture, we've built a new 2 by 4 framed wall and added insulation and new wiring. We had to frame the ceiling, too, so we could put sheetrock on it. There had been no ceiling before in this area--it was exposed to the insulation between the basement and the floor above. The walls are gone on either side of the staircase here.

Now we've started the sheetrock. Yeah! I'll put the rest in another post.

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