Sunday, July 22, 2007

Basement Living Room--Finishing the Walls

I'm adding one picture with the sheetrock jack we rented to do the ceiling, then we'll move on to the finishing.

The next phase was to paint all the walls, and ceiling, including the old rec room space. We'd been using it as a living room for several years, with orange shag carpet and unpainted sheetrock walls. We tore that carpet up, moved most of the furniture out, and started painting everything. One concession we did make to doing it all ourselves was to hire someone to tape and mud the walls Eddie had just put up. The man we hired was a lot quicker than Eddie would have been, and Eddie hates doing that job. The guy had stilts so he could do the ceiling easily. That was fun to watch.

We primed with white paint first. This is the other half of the new living room, that we'd already been using.

The other end of it, toward our bedroom.

Same corner as above, painted light blue.

You can see where we had to frame in the ductwork we added when we put in the central heat. There was just concrete under the carpet. The new carpeting really made a big difference. That'll have to wait till tomorrow.

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