Monday, July 23, 2007

Basement Living Room--Carpeting

What a huge difference! The carpet was installed in March 2006. That was another project we didn't do ourselves. We chose a neutral Berber.
The stairs were carpeted as well.
You can see the newly finished ceiling from the old laundry room area on the top left of the picture, above.
The first (partial) doorway leads to the master bedroom. Then there's the half-bath, and the unfinished opening, where you can see the cinder block, is where we (still) plan to add an exterior door. I'm hoping that after we finish the rest of the siding and windows, we'll do that. Actually, we'll probably put the door in before we side the basement wall.
This is how we framed under the stairs, and where the bookcase will be.
From the other side of the stairs. Eddie nailed down the treads better to stop some squeaking, and so far, so good.

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