Sunday, July 22, 2007

Basement Half-Bath

This is work we did back in 2002. We built the half-bath at the same time as our new master bathroom. There had originally been one bathroom in the basement, and it was rather large, but a waste of space and in the way when we were designing our master bedroom.
So when we started all the framing for the master bedroom and bathroom, we included the framing for the new half-bath. This one is much smaller but is really all that's needed. Here's what it looks like now, about 5 yrs after we finished it.
Simple oval mirror, basic sink and vanity, Formica laminate flooring (similar to the Sienna style, Torino Travertine color), all from Lowe's. Eddie says he'll never install Formica brand flooring again. We had used Armstrong for our master bedroom, and it was really easy to install. This stuff wasn't.

The window opening was in the original bathroom, but we replaced the window itself. New toilet, beadboard for the lower half of the wall and chair rail.

It's a tight squeeze--the door hits the toilet bowl when you open it too wide.

I like the little corner shelf, where I've put some old family photos.

This is the light fixture, also from Lowe's (similar to this one).

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