Monday, June 11, 2007

What Happened This Weekend

Well, for starters, Eddie fell off the ladder when it was over at the corner of the house (He was fine, but he did throw the ladder, which, as you can see, came out undamaged). He blames my recent plantings for unstable soil conditions. Hmmm. This is what he was working on.

At any rate, work continued, and the weekend's goal was to put in new soffit to keep the critters out, plus put the gutter back up, which you can see at the peak of the roof in this picture. Emily used the power washer to clean off some of the soffit material Eddie was going to be cutting and installing in the front.
He decided the sun was just too much in the back of the house. Up front we have a lot of nice shade from several trees, so he moved the saw horses and equipment there. Not to mention there'd be less walking--if he remembered to bring everything up, which he didn't, so I was doing a lot of traveling to the workshop to look for things :).
Down to the end almost--it's amazing how much time it can take to do what looks like a small job, but if you don't get it right it will look really bad. So there's lots of measuring and cutting going on here to make the end look right.
Here Eddie is cutting the last bit of F channel for the soffit.
When he had finished, Emily and I were volunteered to climb up on the roof to hold the gutter up (with straps) so Eddie could re-install it. I think we did a fine job!
Here's Eddie adding the last few clips to keep the gutter up.

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marye said...

so..hey..when you guys are rested from those soffits..I have some that need to be done as well. ;)
Great job!