Saturday, June 2, 2007


A good friend, and she knows who she is, was discussing just yesterday that she'd like to add a pergola to her back deck (for some dappled shade), which overlooks her beautiful pool. A group of us moms and our kids were there for a medieval feast (and swim), celebrating the end of a homeschool history co-op we do together during the "school year."

Her husband didn't seem too keen on the idea of having to do the work of building it, so I've found the perfect solution for them. :) He'll thank me someday.

They've already got great patio furniture to go with it--they can just add the lights and it'll be perfect! Note to the husband, there's even a "thick, weather-resistant polyester top" you can close for instant shade. Oh, and it does mention that there is "assembly required." Sorry!

We all live conveniently close to Plow and Hearth, too, so they won't even have to pay for any shipping. Hey, maybe there's one at the outlet!

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