Friday, May 18, 2007

My Assignment

To consider Emily's bathroom completely finished, we need to add a strip of trim at the edge of the shower wall where the tile meets the sheetrock. We also have to install a piece of wood to cover the gap between the vanity cabinet and the wall, and put in one last piece of shoe moulding. My assignment is to paint the trim, sand the two pieces of wood, stain and then varnish them, and also do a bit of touch-up on the ceiling paint where the roller touched when Eddie was painting the walls.

It's raining right now, so I really don't feel like doing this. I'll have to do the trim and moulding work in Eddie's shop, instead of outside in the sun (my preferred location), and I think the heater has been turned off. Oh dear.

If you're curious, there are pictures of the inside of the shop in a post on my other blog. I also just posted there about getting ready for more baby chicks.

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