Monday, May 28, 2007

More Progress on Memorial Day

These are some of the tools of the trade . . . Note that OSHA probably would not approve of using a ladder on top of a walkboard.

We put up rake board with the F channel so we could install the soffit.

Measure twice, cut once, Eddie always says. Getting ready to add more frieze to the house which will be where the bottom of the siding starts. We also use a J channel there so the siding doesn't just end at the board.

And this is what we got done today, despite two short rain storms.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Lots of Work Done on Sunday, part 3

And finally, we got a great start on the new siding as well.
Thomas is helping measure and mark the wall.

I'm just waiting for something to do. :)

We installed five courses of siding.

And this is what it looks like so far.

Lots of Work Done on Sunday, part 2

One new-construction window installed.
Eddie put in the new gable vent.
Cutting a hole where the other window goes.
Second window installed.

Lots of Work Done on Sunday, part 1

We got so much done today! We removed the remaining siding and took out the old windows.
Putting up the tyvek.

The kids really had fun.

Saturday's Work on Siding

Yesterday we got as far as removing most of the siding. The kids enjoyed being on the walkboard, but got a bit nervous as they got higher up.
This is the fiber board that backed the aluminum.
This is the aluminum from the front and side of the house.

Also, the attic fan had come loose--only one screw was holding it in place, so Eddie was able to fix that at the same time.
Eventually the kids climbed through a window to get off the walkboard.
This is about where we ended things yesterday.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Working Toward Siding and Windows Again

Today Eddie constructed the pump jack/walkboard contraption.

With it we'll be able to start working on taking down the old aluminum siding, replacing the windows, and putting up the new vinyl siding on the ends of the house.

We're starting with the side with the windows, as the new ones are still taking up space in the basement living room. I'd like them out!

Yes, we know it's not level. Eddie was demonstrating how to make it go up and down.

It's really hot today, but luckily this is in the shade in the afternoon.

This is where it's attached to the house.

Once Eddie's recovered from lunch, I think we'll start tearing down the old stuff. Exciting for me!

Friday, May 18, 2007

My Assignment

To consider Emily's bathroom completely finished, we need to add a strip of trim at the edge of the shower wall where the tile meets the sheetrock. We also have to install a piece of wood to cover the gap between the vanity cabinet and the wall, and put in one last piece of shoe moulding. My assignment is to paint the trim, sand the two pieces of wood, stain and then varnish them, and also do a bit of touch-up on the ceiling paint where the roller touched when Eddie was painting the walls.

It's raining right now, so I really don't feel like doing this. I'll have to do the trim and moulding work in Eddie's shop, instead of outside in the sun (my preferred location), and I think the heater has been turned off. Oh dear.

If you're curious, there are pictures of the inside of the shop in a post on my other blog. I also just posted there about getting ready for more baby chicks.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Nook under staris

Just thought I'd post a picture from when we created the nook under the stairs, where Eddie now has a small computer desk for working at home. Sheetrock hasn't been painted yet--one project at a time!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Rain Barrel Workshop and Stream Watch

I posted about this at if you're interested.

Fixtures added to shower stall

We added the shower head and fixtures, and a shower curtain.

Emily can now use her shower, and she's very happy about this!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

We're really close now!

Eddie put in the grout in the shower today. Tomorrow I will clean and seal it. Then we need to get new fixtures and a shower curtain. We're not planning to replace the door that used to be there unless the curtain doesn't work out. We will also run some narrow baseboard trim along the edge of the shower tile, vertically, for a finished look there. A little touch-up on the paint and a splash guard for the side of the sink and we're done!


If you're interested in gardening, you might want to check out my other blog--specifically this post. I've always been interested in gardening, but I give up easily on plants that are demanding. :) This year I'm working more with plants that are Virginia natives, hoping they will fare better. And I like to see what grows here naturally, and supports the wildlife, too!