Sunday, April 22, 2007

Weekend work on bathroom

We got an awful lot done this weekend. I sealed the floor tile and grout on Friday with three coats of AquaMix penetrating sealer.

On Saturday, Eddie had some plumbing work to do in order to fit the new cabinet in place.

Things moved more quickly after that was done, as you might imagine.

Here is the new sink installed, with the chrome and gold colored fixtures Emily picked out. We hung a simple wood-framed mirror above the sink, and installed a new light fixture.

Eddie was able to put in most of the baseboard moulding, and I painted what was in the corner where the toilet would go before he installed it. He also replaced the door trim on the bathroom side and put up the trim around the window. He also added a sill to the window. I get to paint all that tomorrow.

And here is the new toilet. The plan was to use the old one we had, but the tank cracked as Eddie was re-installing it. He was not happy. I had to make a second trip out to Lowes to find a new toilet, but this one is much nicer, and I think the tank is narrower. You can see there's not a lot of space there anyway, so it all worked out for the best. Uh, other than the extra cost, of course. We'll just take it out of Emily's allowance. :) Just kidding!

Still to be done are installing the toilet paper roll holder and hand towel hanger. And of course, the shower hasn't been attacked yet. That will have to wait for next weekend, I think.

So at this point, we do have a mostly-functional bathroom--a half-bath, if you will.


David said...

If you're in the county and are replacing your toilet with a low-flow model, ACSA will reimburse you up to $100 of the cost of the new toilet (

Silvia said...

Thanks for the info. We're on our own well and septic system, so we can't take advantage of that program. But I hadn't thought to look even. Here's a direct link for anyone else: