Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Notes on the bathroom floor and other miscellany

We used 3/16th inch spacers for the tile, and the grout color is "sauterne." Most of the items we have used for remodeling the house in general have come from Lowes--no high-end stuff for us. :) So the tile that we used was the 98 cent 12" by 12" tile. Looks great, and didn't cost a lot. The vanity cabinet is "off the shelf" and so is the sink. We'll be going to shop for chrome lighting to go above the sink, and I think a simple, square mirror with a silver-painted frame will go under the lights. This picture is of the light fixture in the half-bathroom in the basement. I think something simple like this would be nice for our daughter's bathroom, but I'd like the lights to be lower, and the mirror not oval or coming right up to the light. We'll also be looking for track lighting--just two lights, one for the sink area and one toward the shower stall. The bathroom is small enough that that's really all we need. The two fixtures will be on separate switches, and my daughter has requested a dimmer for one of them.

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