Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bathroom progress

We're almost ready to paint the walls. Eddie has put up all the sheetrock and taped, mudded and sanded everything.

I've been tasked with purchasing the corner bead that needs to go on the shower wall, and I'll do that today. Then we'll use a primer on all the walls.

We have a gallon of semi-gloss that we only used a small amount of in our kitchen, so we'll use that for the bathroom. It's a really small bathroom, so it should be enough. This picture really doesn't show the color at it's best--it's sort of a celery-to-avocado color.

We purchased 12" by 12" ceramic tile, called Carribbean Slate, for both the floor and the shower. The tile will go all the way to the ceiling in the shower stall. The old tile stopped about six to 8 inches below the ceiling.

The subfloor has been repaired, and one piece of tile backer put down, so we could put the shower pan back in place.

After painting, we'll put down the rest of the tile backer and start with the thin-set and laying the tile.

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