Monday, April 30, 2007

Shower stall tile work

This is where we were on Saturday. Eddie used the lumber to make sure the tiles would be starting out level. He removed those on Sunday and finished installing the bottom row. He needs to do the grout still.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dressed-up bathroom

Emily has moved into her mostly-finished bathroom with excitement.

She (10 yrs old) really didn't enjoy sharing the other full bath with her two brothers, 17 and 7 yrs old.

Can't say I blame her. :)

I think when we get to renovating that bathroom, we'll install a urinal, as an acquaintance did in her house years back--three sons and a husband sure can make a mess!

And here is what is left to do--the shower stall.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Close-up pictures

It's hard to see the faucet and light fixture, so I'm adding a couple close-ups for those who are obsessed with such things. The globes on the light fixture are called "clear beaded glass." They have lots of little bubbles all over them.

Weekend work on bathroom

We got an awful lot done this weekend. I sealed the floor tile and grout on Friday with three coats of AquaMix penetrating sealer.

On Saturday, Eddie had some plumbing work to do in order to fit the new cabinet in place.

Things moved more quickly after that was done, as you might imagine.

Here is the new sink installed, with the chrome and gold colored fixtures Emily picked out. We hung a simple wood-framed mirror above the sink, and installed a new light fixture.

Eddie was able to put in most of the baseboard moulding, and I painted what was in the corner where the toilet would go before he installed it. He also replaced the door trim on the bathroom side and put up the trim around the window. He also added a sill to the window. I get to paint all that tomorrow.

And here is the new toilet. The plan was to use the old one we had, but the tank cracked as Eddie was re-installing it. He was not happy. I had to make a second trip out to Lowes to find a new toilet, but this one is much nicer, and I think the tank is narrower. You can see there's not a lot of space there anyway, so it all worked out for the best. Uh, other than the extra cost, of course. We'll just take it out of Emily's allowance. :) Just kidding!

Still to be done are installing the toilet paper roll holder and hand towel hanger. And of course, the shower hasn't been attacked yet. That will have to wait for next weekend, I think.

So at this point, we do have a mostly-functional bathroom--a half-bath, if you will.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Notes on the bathroom floor and other miscellany

We used 3/16th inch spacers for the tile, and the grout color is "sauterne." Most of the items we have used for remodeling the house in general have come from Lowes--no high-end stuff for us. :) So the tile that we used was the 98 cent 12" by 12" tile. Looks great, and didn't cost a lot. The vanity cabinet is "off the shelf" and so is the sink. We'll be going to shop for chrome lighting to go above the sink, and I think a simple, square mirror with a silver-painted frame will go under the lights. This picture is of the light fixture in the half-bathroom in the basement. I think something simple like this would be nice for our daughter's bathroom, but I'd like the lights to be lower, and the mirror not oval or coming right up to the light. We'll also be looking for track lighting--just two lights, one for the sink area and one toward the shower stall. The bathroom is small enough that that's really all we need. The two fixtures will be on separate switches, and my daughter has requested a dimmer for one of them.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Pictures of the painted bathroom walls and the new floor

Yeah! Eddie was able to lay all the floor tile yesterday. Here are some pictures.

This picture above shows where the toilet and sink will be, and the floor register is in the bottom right corner.

We're debating whether to continue the tile on the back wall of the bathroom, next to the shower. Please give your opinion! Will it make the room look smaller? Or will it add continuity? The floor and shower will have the same tiles. It would be this wall above.

The color is so hard to show correctly because of lighting and flash. Oh well.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bathroom walls painted

The corner bead was added on Friday, and it's been mudded and sanded. The walls were painted with primer and left to dry. Today the walls were painted in a semi-gloss, the green from the kitchen I mentioned earlier. What a difference it's made already! The ceiling has also been painted. Eddie also installed the rest of the ceramic tile backer on the floor. Tomorrow we'll be able to start laying the tile. Our daughter was given a choice of pattern for the floor, either simple rows, all lining up, or off-set rows, with the joint of two tiles in one row matching the center of the tile in the rows on either side of it. She chose the latter. I'll take pictures tomorrow and get them posted.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bathroom progress

We're almost ready to paint the walls. Eddie has put up all the sheetrock and taped, mudded and sanded everything.

I've been tasked with purchasing the corner bead that needs to go on the shower wall, and I'll do that today. Then we'll use a primer on all the walls.

We have a gallon of semi-gloss that we only used a small amount of in our kitchen, so we'll use that for the bathroom. It's a really small bathroom, so it should be enough. This picture really doesn't show the color at it's best--it's sort of a celery-to-avocado color.

We purchased 12" by 12" ceramic tile, called Carribbean Slate, for both the floor and the shower. The tile will go all the way to the ceiling in the shower stall. The old tile stopped about six to 8 inches below the ceiling.

The subfloor has been repaired, and one piece of tile backer put down, so we could put the shower pan back in place.

After painting, we'll put down the rest of the tile backer and start with the thin-set and laying the tile.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Pictures of the workshop

Here are some outside pics of the workshop, that I just took today. I'll try to get some from inside soon.

Front with double doors, gutters.

Right of the workshop, with a gate and fence added.

This is the back with the a/c unit showing. The extention cord is running to the chicken coop. The gate is keeping the dog from the chickens and the chickens from making a mess all over the back patio area.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Previous master bath being renovated

As I mentioned in another post, my 10 yr old lives in the old master bedroom, which also has a master bathroom, with a stall shower. We started at the end of February to take up the old floor tile, removed the sink, vanity, lights and toilet, to replace with newer items.
We also knew we needed to repair a leak from the stall shower. We weren't sure if it was coming from the door track, or from the drain itself, but the floor right in front of the shower door was so soft, under the tile, that you could poke a screwdriver through it! After also deciding that this would be a good time to remove the old wallpapered wallboard that was there, we started examining the shower stall.
We were going to have to remove the shower pan to get to the wood beneath in order to replace it, but were hoping not to have to redo the whole subfloor. In order to remove the pan, we had to start taking tile off the walls, starting with the lowest course of tile and moving up till we had enough room to prop up the pan and see underneath. As we did that, we discovered that the wall opposite the shower head had some grout missing at about shoulder-height, and that the water had been getting in there.
Now, the shower hadn't been used for about 6 years because we knew there was this leak, but we could see at the bottom, where we'd removed tile already, that there was a mold problem. So all we could do was keep going up to see how high it went. Long story short, we needed to remove all the tile and tile backer in the shower.
So basically the whole bathroom has been gutted, and we're starting over. The first improvement to the bathroom was actually adding a window to the room, when we were replacing the other windows on the front of the house. So at least we had some light and fresh air in there now!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Workshop

Sometime in 2002, Eddie decided that the small cinderblock room, that had been added to the back of the house, no longer served his needs as a tool room or workshop. He started building himself a 14' by 14' workshop, with double doors (to be able to bring the lawn mower/tractor inside for winter), three small windows (one now has a small a/c unit instead), a propane heater, and of course electircal outlets about every 5 feet! I've got some pictures from the very beginning of the construction. The land slopes, so he had to create a footer of some sort that sloped, too. Construction began in July. In the picture with the one framed wall, you can see where the window will go. The workshop is about 15 feet from the back of the house, behind the cinderblock room.