Wednesday, March 21, 2007

So this leads to the kitchen

You can see the lovely dark wood laminate cabinets that were originally there, and the countertop was white with gold specks. There was no room between the stove and sink (ok, maybe 8 inches), so you couldn't use that side for anything while you were cooking. We'd started removing the old ceiling boards, to be replaced with wood beadboard.
The L shape counter was annoying, and you couldn't use the bar side of it for anything.
There were two windows, but now we have just one, over the sink, because when we pulled out all the old cabinets we added wall cabinets where the other window had been. At the very right of the third pic you can see a doorknob where there was a nice-sized pantry, the only good thing about the kitchen at the time!

Here we had started moving things around. The pantry was torn out and the refrigerator was moved to it's new location. The fridge used to be where the trash can is in this pic.

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