Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New kitchen

In February 2004 we totally remade the kitchen. We'd replaced the applances already (avocado is a nice color, very retro, but I think they were all from 1976!), but now we were getting serious. We tore out all the cabinets, and replaced the vinyl flooring with an Armstrong laminate that looks like ceramic tile. We tore out the ceiling fiber board and replaced it with the wood beadboard. In addition, we took the opportunity to remove the wall from the stairwell, turning it into a half-wall, opening up the kitchen and dining area and letting more light get to the basement. We moved the stove so it was angled in the corner. The microwave will hang over it--just not in this picture. :) And we haven't gotten to the flooring yet. The counter was a nightmare--we had to special order what we wanted because of the length and the corner that would hit the stove, and it came in on time, but had not been done correctly. So we waited for at least 2-3 weeks for a new one to come, using cardboard as a temporary counter top. Fun!

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